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Volunteer Uganda

Posted by Remmy on 9 December 2013 | Comments

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At Routes to Africa, volunteering in Uganda is for the big-hearted, willing to go the extra mile.  We work with a number of small, community based organizations, like Finding the Way, that provide counselling, love, and care to HIV and orphaned children, widows, and other vulnerable people who need a helping hand to become sustainable in their own lives.  We love to support education and healthcare initiatives supported by the local communities.

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GCCC Trip - Part 5

Posted by Jennie on 17 June 2013 | Comments

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P6120417 800x600The end has come.  After a truly amazing 2 weeks, the GCCC team has taken off from Entebbe.  It was been a wonderful experience hosting them, in order to facilitate their travel and ability to work and serve to the fullest in northern Uganda.

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GCCC TRIP - Part 4

Posted by Jennie on 12 June 2013 | Comments

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Well, the past two days have been quite full - full of life, full of connection, full of fun, and full of fruit!  The team is exhausted in the best possible ways.  It is a joy to be able to be with all the people here and laugh, play, worship, pray, and eat (with our hands of course)!

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GCCC trip - part 3

Posted by Jennie on 10 June 2013 | Comments

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So, the past 2 days, the group only worked about 5 hours/day, instead of the 12 hours/per day we were working previously.  Time is all relative here in Africa.  haha.  It helps that we love the work we are doing!  Tomorrow, we are back to fairly full days.gccc trip

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