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Chimps and the amazing Kibale!

Posted by Remmy on 29 October 2013 | Comments

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Kibale Forest National Park is one of Uganda's major tropical rainforests.  It has a good infrastructure and a number of activities, making the forest an excellent place to visit.  Kibale is host to multiple primate species, including Chimpanzees.  The forest is also excellent for bird watching, as there about 335 species!  Multiple hike options are available.  The attractive park also provides the local people with revenue from the many visitors, and proceeds from some of the walks goes back to the community, helping to also protect to the area.  

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Some Lessons on Giraffes

Posted by Remmy on 22 October 2013 | Comments

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How would you like to be born and drop 6 feet to the ground as your first encounter with the world?  Not such a great prospect, is it?  Yet, that is the experience of a newborn giraffe.  Moms give birth standing up - with no one their to catch the calf.  

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