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Partner Projects

Routes to Africa believes in sustainable travel and volunteer work that is empowering to local people.  Though we can facilitate travel for people already coming to work with projects and organizations, we also offer connections with organizations and projects for those who want to volunteer but may may not know where or how to do that. 

The organizations with whom we are connected are trustworthy, registered NGO's and have been doing fruitful work for some time.  They are not large or main-line, international organizations because we also want to support people who are on the ground doing good work but who could use help and resources.

If you're looking to come and volunteer, do a missions trip, or earn student credit, please browse these options of work and placement, and we can connect you with them.  RTA will then continue to be your facilitator as you come on your trip.

Finding the Way, Gulu

  • On-going resettlement and restoration for people in the north who suffered for 22 years in internally displaced persons camps (IDPs) because of the rebel war with Joseph Konya and the LRA.
  • www.findingthewayafrica.org 
  • Type of work that can be done:
    • Clean water projects
    • Sports programs
    • Educational support with sponsorships
    • Vocational training
    • Agricultural investment and training
    • School construction
    • Medical
    • Assist and invest in vulnerable orphans ad widows 
    • Missions outreach ad church development


Stay tuned for more coming soon....

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