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Routes To Volunteering

Facilitating trips and doing volunteer placements for those who want to volunteer, serve, give, and learn is one of the main reasons Routes to Africa is in business.  Whether you are coming to connect with an organization or project with whom you are already associated and only need help with travel services, or you are looking for an effective, empowering project and need us to assist you in connecting with that as well as the travel services, or you are looking for a fun getaway among a longer-term volunteer stint, utilizing RTA is the option for you!  

Let us host and help you create an unforgettable service trip that will help those around you and be restorative to you in ways you cannot imagine!  Keep reading for more information and how it works, and then Contact us to begin planning!

Would you volunteer "with" Routes to Africa?

  • No.  RTA has a heart for people and for serving, but we do not have our own projects.  We invest in local people, support various projects, and help those serving locally as well as those coming.  
  • So...
    • RTA "can" connect you with credible, effective organizations that can use help with whom we network
      • RTA is your host throughout and arranges all aspects of your trip
    • Or, you are already are connected with a place to volunteer or work, BUT, RTA "can" be your in country travel host, arranging for all the details of your trip, like transport, accommodation, meals, optional safari or activities, or whatever you need
      • We can help with one aspect of your travel or all of it - from airport pickup to drop off.

Why have a travel company like Routes to Africa facilitate your volunteering?

  • Make the whole trip and experience of serving smoother
    • Avoid having to arrange for transport or deal with accommodation, etc.
    • Avoid unnecessary stress
  • Have more time, energy, focus, and freedom to work, visit, write, or have actual down time
  • Be part of more authentic cultural and every day life experiences
  • Get local help and an experienced, local perspective
    • Learn more 
  • More efficiently deal with any issues, challenges, or even dangers you may face or that could be out of your control
  • Have help with any interpretation or cultural barriers
  • Travel safer, yet still encounter new things and be stretched
  • Know that someone truly "has your back" while in a foreign country
  • Use RTA's services as much or as little as you would like

Who volunteers?

  • Individuals
  • Families
    • Volunteer vacation
  • Groups
    • Schools
    • Church teams
    • Youth groups
    • Campus ministries
    • Outreach programs
    • Sports teams
    • Boy or Girl Scouts
    • Service organizations (Kiwanas, Rotary, etc.)
    • Medical teams
    • Research teams
    • Music or dance clubs
  • Students
    • Internships
    • Research 
    • GAP year
    • Gain school credit 

What types of volunteer work are there?

  • Medical field
    • Field or clinic work
    • Hospital placements
    • Midwifery
    • Health education
    • Research
  • Education
    • School construction
    • Teaching
    • Children's programs
    • Research
  • Orphan care
  • Clean water projects
  • Resettlement help for former refugees
  • Sports programs and exchanges
  • Small business training
  • Agricultural projects
  • Vocational training
  • Construction 
  • Church development
  • Missions trips
  • Investment or training in the Arts
    • Music, painting, sculpting, jewelry, dance, etc.
  • Wildlife research
  • Volunteer tourist
    • Attach some effective volunteering to your vacation

Is it better to come individually or with a group?

  • There are advantages and disadvantages to both
  • Bottom line, it depends on what you prefer.  We at Routes to Africa can assure you a fulfilling experience however you travel.  Our mission is enable you to empower others through effective service.  That can happen irregardless of how many come in your party - 1 or 30.

Why volunteer?

  • Live life beyond yourself
  • Give others a helping hand the way you would want them to do to you
  • Have an Impact in this world
  • Humble yourself and learn new things
volunteering one

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