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Student Credit / Gap Year » Routes To Africa

Student Credit / Gap Year

Want to take a semester and explore the world?  What student doesn't feel that way at times throughout their college career?

Well, Routes to Africa can be the vehicle to help make that happen.

Whether you come on your own, with friends, or as part of a specific group or team -  for a few weeks or a whole year - we are able to see that your time in Uganda or Rwanda is amazing!

Types of student credit or GAP year options:

  • Internships
  • Research programs
  • Independent study
  • Exchange programs
  • Special projects
  • Study abroad

What we can do to help students:

  • Connect the student with a foundation, school, organization, medical facility, or program
  • Provide airport transfer
  • Provide transportation in country
  • Arrange for accommodations
  • Facilitate fun getaways (see the Safari and Adventure pages) 

Let RTA help you make the most of your time abroad.  There is a world to discover, experience, enjoy, and impact, and we are here to ensure all of those things happen! 

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ready to start planning your african adventure?