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FAQ's about Routes to Africa » Routes To Africa


How do I make a booking?

  • Contact us and make the plan for your trip.  
  • Finalize the itinerary and cost.
  • Reserve with a 20% deposit paid on our secure payment page online with a credit or debit card, send a check, or make a bank transfer
  • Also submit a completed booking form and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Make a final payment 

What shots and vaccinations do I need?

  • A yellow fever vaccination is required
  • Consulate your physician for the best information.  You can also check the Center for Disease Control for updated information.  What shots you should have depend on what you are doing and where you will be.  Though we can inform you of suggested vaccinations, it is best that you consult your physician.

What airport do I fly into?

  • For Uganda, you fly into Entebbe, EBB.  It is about one hour from Kampala, so you will need transport, which we can provide.
  • For Rwanda, you fly into Kigali,, KGL

What is the climate and weather like?

  • Uganda is a tropical climate.  There are 2 dry seasons, December to February and June to August.  The main rainy season is September - November.  Otherwise, the weather is a mix of rain and sun.  
  • Weather can vary depending on where you are in the country.  The north tends to be warmer and drier.  The southwest is cooler.  So, we an help you with more information when you plan your trip.

What language is spoken in Uganda?

  • The business language in Uganda is English.  English is also used in most schools.  Otherwise, there are many languages throughout the country, as there are over 50 tribes.  You can use Swahili in much of the south and east, though the people may also use their tribal language.  Luganda is the most common tribal language, used in Kampala and through the Buganda Kingdom.  But, many languages are spoken depending on the region where you are.
  • You can get by speaking English most places - at least for basic communication.  In more rural areas, though, you will hear much less.
  • At RTA, we send you with guides or hosts who can speak multiple languages and assist in all situations.

Are Uganda and Rwanda safe?

  • Both countries are fairly stable now and have been for some years.  Yes, sadly, both countries were riddled with rebel warfare and serious struggles for many years.  Thankfully, the worst is behind them, hopefully for good.  
  • Any foreign country poses challenges and issues that are different than your own country.  Cultural difference and infrastructure issues make for various experiences you are not used to.  But, that does not make them "unsafe."  
  • RTA always keeps your safety at the foremost of our minds.  We would let you know of any issues of concern before traveling and watch for any potential dangers while on your trip.

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