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Gorilla Trekking

There is only one area of the world to find the mighty mountain gorilla - the tri-country area of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo.  Sadly, a species that once flourished is now endangered.  Thankfully, there is great care taken to protect the 750 remaining and also allow the world to experience them in their natural habitat.  

A trek to find the gorillas is fascinating.  It is humbling and educational.   For people looking for a true wilderness adventure, it does not get much better than hiking within dense tropical forests to find the wondrous gorillas.   

The gorillas are found at Mgahinga or Bwindi, and different areas within Bwindi.  Treks are taken with rangers and guides for your safety and enhanced experience.  The trek starts at 8:30 a.m. and can last from 4 hours til all day, depending on how quickly you find the family group.   Once found, you can observe the gorillas, potentially from just yards away, for one hour, so as to bring limited human disturbance.

Permits to trek are limited and in high demand, so you will want to book as soon as possible.  Permits are ONLY reserved when purchased and paid in full.   Per Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), there is no avenue for reserving a permit without payment.

Routes to Africa will take care of all the details to obtain and secure a permit - upon your choosing where to go, your commitment, and payment.  The tracking experience can be combined with other activities or be the only goal.  So contact us, and let's begin arranging a tremendous adventure bound to be a highlight of your life!


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