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The Lakes

Uganda is sometimes called the land of the lakes because there is so much water covering the country.   The variety of lakes offers a myriad of activities.  Boating, water sports, fishing, birding, hiking, swimming, and simply, leisurely taking in a gorgeous view are all things that can be done on or around many of Uganda's lakes.  From the largest natural lake in the world to one of the deepest, from the crater lakes to the homes of hippos, The Lakes of Uganda are unique, beautiful, and fun.

There are a variety activities and lodging at most of the lakes.  Some are part of a national park and others are in their own area, but there is much to do at most, and they are worth the trip.  You may want to relax and soak in lakeside serenity at Bunyonyi, hike around the crater lakes, have a party on the beach or go water skiing on Victoria.  Whatever you are interested in, RTA is able to accommodate.   If you are not sure about what to do where, simply ask or tell us what interests you have, and we can organize for you.  You can visit a lake as part of another safari or go for the sole purpose of enjoying the water.

  • Lake Victoria
  • Lake Bunyonyi
  • Lake Albert
  • Lake Edward
  • Lake George
  • Lake Mburo
  • Lake Kyoga
  • Lake Katwe
  • Lake Nabugabo
  • The Crater Lakes


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