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Having An Impact

We leave our footprints wherever we go.  At the same time, others leave their footprints on us.  At Routes to Africa, our desire is to see life-giving imprints tread from traveler to local and vice versa.  We believe that whether you have come to vacation, volunteer, voyage, or view, the route you take can be one that impacts you and the people around you in amazing and powerful ways.

RTA is not just a business.  We focus on a number of purposes.  We want the footprint of our work to be one that has a positive effect on all those we employ, those we serve as clients, and those we encounter within the country.

There is no doubt the people - and all the things you encounter on your trip - will leave an impression on your heart and mind for years to come.  Many people leave Africa changed.  What they have seen, heard, done, learned, enjoyed, been challenged by, and accomplished enhances their view of the world, of their own lives, or of what really matters.


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We hope your heart is touched with a warmth as steady and strong as the African sun.  

We hope that work you may do is fruitful.

We hope that you connect with new people and build relationships that benefit everyone.

We hope that people locally are blessed by their encounter with you.

We hope that you are blessed by your encounter with local people.

We hope that you carry the beauty of your experience home with you and share it with others.

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