GCCC trip - part 3

Posted by Jennie on 10 June 2013 | Comments

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So, the past 2 days, the group only worked about 5 hours/day, instead of the 12 hours/per day we were working previously.  Time is all relative here in Africa.  haha.  It helps that we love the work we are doing!  Tomorrow, we are back to fairly full days.gccc trip

Yesterday, we went to church, and then we had some free time in the afternoon.  It was refreshing to get in the pool for a while after the long, dusty days.  It was extra hot and sunny yesterday, so the pool hit the spot! 

In the evening, we went out to Sam's home and church in his village.  The local team there wanted to play us in soccer.  After reaching - and feeling quite tired from the week - we said we would play the young kids and not so much the teenage boys!  At first, we thought we would need to give some mercy to these kids, but after a few minutes, we realized we would be lucky to score.  These kids were fast and motivated!  haha.  (Curt was glad Dori packed that debrilator, hahaha).  Of course, once we did tie the score, the teacher overseeing the match subbed in some of the older kids.  There was no way they were going to lose! They would score and the 150 or kids watching would erupt in glee.  We would score and there was P6070175 800x600dead silence.  Our whole group played (except Jordan and Ang who were doing first aid training), and Martin and our driver Patrick.  It was great fun for all!

The original point of the evening was to just visit at Sam's place, see his piggery project, and provide a meal for the widows Finding the Way is starting to help.  But as can happen, it morphed into the soccer match, Jordan doing her first aid teaching, and us having some fellowship time with the people from the church and anyone around.  Surely, though, it was an uplifting time of being together and sharing.




P6090185 800x600Today, we left early to go and plant beans for one of the widos, Philda.  Unfortunately, it has been so dry that we could not plant.  Instead, we did weeding in her field of cassava.  It was the first time for such work for a number of our crew, haha; still, we made do.  We did in about 2 hours what would have taken her about 5 days.  That felt good.  We then prayed for her and prayed for rain (which has come this evening!!!).  It is rough for widows here.  There is no help, and you are forgotten by your husband's family.  Philda has 4 kids; none are able to be in school because she has no way to pay the school fees.  We hope that more people will choose to sponsor kids through Finding the Way so that they can start to be provided for.

Later in the afternoon, we visited some of the sponsored kids who attend schools around Gulu town.  They love having visitors, though they are very shy.  The one girls was so excited that she almost couldn't speak.  It was cute.  Seeing them in school and hearing how they are doing is a true blessing.  Irwin and Tricia were even able to meet the girl they sponsor!P6090204 800x600

All in all, I (Jennie) am so very thankful for what God is doing during this trip.  It is so great to see how He is affecting people - both here and on our team!  Please continue praying for fruit, safety, unity, and focus.  Thanks!