GCCC Trip - Part 5

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P6120417 800x600The end has come.  After a truly amazing 2 weeks, the GCCC team has taken off from Entebbe.  It was been a wonderful experience hosting them, in order to facilitate their travel and ability to work and serve to the fullest in northern Uganda.


Since the previous blog post, we have done a number of things. 


There was more soccer, of course!  This time it was at Gulu Crested Crane Secondary School with a group of boys who truly loved the time of training and hanging out.  You know, kids here who live up country or in the village do not receive much proper skills training, so they really appreciate the chance to practice and learn more.  Plus, it so special for them to have a chance to meet people from outside and receive some encouragement and make new P6120380 800x600friends.  We played a match with these guys - instead of against them - so at least some of the team won a match for the first time this trip.  HA!



Martin was so glad to discuss some farming and project potentials with Curt P6120392 800x600and Irwin.  Oftern here, the best thing that can help is simply exposure to and understanding of more and different ways of doing things.  This is not so that people here do it exactly like people in America, but to help generate ideas.  Large corporations have brainstorming sessions.  So, that kind of thing goes a long way here.  And, Finding the Way is always looking for further ways to invest in and help bring empowerment and sustainability.




Along this line, it was great to spend a little time with one of the people who took part in the small business trainging everytime it went on.  HeP6120408 800x2 received some investment capital, and it is wonderful to see and here how he is slowly improving the small shop he opened, and that what he learned he puts to practice regularly.  He is Johnson Odong, and he also helps and discusses things with the other participants.  That is what is about.  Seeing multiplication occur.



Throughout the trip, some of the team were able to share a little bit about themselves and their testimony.  It was great to have various ones step up and pass on some of what they know and have learned.P6120403 800x600

We continued to try to meet with all of the Finding the Way sponsored kids.  We failed to find all of them, as some were gone for some special school programs those days, but we met most.  It is special to be able to ineract with them a bit and see their joy of meeting new people.

The final night in Gulu was spent eating more than what's normal, haha, at Martin and Juliet's place.  The widows came and helped to prepare.  We ate so many special local dishes.  Though the team had been eating local food; here, they were able to enjoy a sample of really all of the different dishes from northen Uganda.  It was great.

Truly, it was a treasured time to meet and share among all of us.  What a wonderful experience for all.  The widows for sure loved to be around.  They have suffered a great deal, so it was great to have them receive some help and encouragement.  They have such strength amid so many dark circumstances.  It's really appreciated to hear their faith.

At last the team had some time off.  We worked every day since arrive - and some days very long, so it was now time to relax.  After a bit of a P6140493 800x663journey, we arrived to a place outside the entrance of Murchison Falls National Park.  That way we could enter the park very early to insure the best chance of seeing wildlife during our safari.

It was strange for us all to have nothing to do as we sat around that evening.  But, we were able to share, process, and pray.

Then, it was safari day!  Everyone was definitely excited about this.  The game drive was what we call successful, since we had great views of so much wildlife.  We came across a large family of elephants.  There must have been at least 30 spread among the bushes.  There were many young ones, so the elders were trying to protect them and move them further from the road.  This caused a lot of noise and flapping of ears and so forth.  It was very cool!

As ever, there were many giraffes.  I personally love the giraffes.  They are so stately and elegant!

We had an incredible encounter with a lion couple.  There was a 3 legged male lion, who lost its leg to poachers.  Thankfully, the rangers found it, nursed it back to health, and released it home to the wild.  Apparently, since then, the brother to that one watches over him.  And, he even has a personal "mate."  This is not so common among lions.  The 3 of them travel together.  Awesome story.  We watched them enjoy the morning for some time.

There was so much more, of course.  In the afternoon, there was the boat trip up the Nile River to the falls.  Hippos, crocodiles, and elephants P6140446 800x666were sighted, along with many species of birds.  Then, the team chose to hike up to the top of the falls, where the bus met them.  What an incredible hike.  It is about an hour or so, and there many close views of the powerful falls exploding over through the narrow gorge.  Everyone really enjoyed so much.


Still, there was now exhaustion.  We reached Kampala late, but knowing the day was so worthwhile.  It was great to see the team be blessed with all the new scenery and wildlife sightings.


Yesterday, after a good rest, there was swimming and shopping.  Then, in the evening, it was great fun watching the performance at Ndere Cultural Centre - something not to be missed when in Kampala.  It is as enjoyable as any broadway show.

We at Routes to Africa say thanks to the GCCC team and look forward to P6070133 566x800hosting you again.  Be blessed as you return and know that you have left some very special footprints behind!!!!

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