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GCCC TRIP - Part 4

Posted by Jennie on 12 June 2013 | Comments

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Well, the past two days have been quite full - full of life, full of connection, full of fun, and full of fruit!  The team is exhausted in the best possible ways.  It is a joy to be able to be with all the people here and laugh, play, worship, pray, and eat (with our hands of course)!

If we weren't finished with the "work" Friday, we would definitely need a few days break.  It is quite worth it, however, to both share and learn.  Despite being sore from lots of soccer, crazy bumpy roads, or whatever else, everyone is glad for it. 

P6100248 800x600Yesterday, we went to Wii Anaka Primary School, about 2 hours from Gulu town.  Finding the Way has one of the adopted villages in the Anaka area, and they sponsor children from this school.  The team delivered some gifts for those kids and did soccer drills and played a match.  The drills went quite well.  It is such a privilege for these kids to have fun like this doing something they love.  We all know sports can be used as a great way to bring connection and joy, and this is very much the case here.  It was also great for the girls to be able to join in, as unfortunately, the girls here are just starting to do more fun activities like this.P6100231 800x600

Whether we are skilled at soccer or not, our whole team does well at participating and just using it as a means to love on the kids.  It is a bit of a workout just to facilitate the drills - especially when you are chasing balls quite a bit.  Ha!

After lunch, we played the 12-14 year olds in a match.  We probably shouldn't talk about it.  haha.  We had our butts kicked.  Let's just leave it at that.   It was all great fun, though for sure.

The school is near Martin's land, so we had lunch from there and were able to tour around his family's farming.  Curt and Irwin especially have enjoyed seeing and learning about all the agricultural things here.  Martin has such a heart for farming, so he is really loving his discussions with these guys.  Hopefully it is a practical encouragement for Martin as he continues trying to farm.

P6110347 1024x924Today was a special day.  We went back up to the area of Atiak to spend time with Finding the Way's group to at Awee.  For me, Jennie, this group has always been near to my heart.  It is not at all that the others haven't been; it's is just that these people have been through so much and some of the young orphaned guys are quite dear to me.

I think it was neat for the team to "tour" the village and see how the adopt-a-village process really looked in tangible reality.  It gave them, who have seen videos and pictures at home for so long, a real perspective. 

There was a lot of praising and singing, which is common with this group.  They love to worship God so much.  We got some our gang dancing along.  They truly worship through singing and dance with all they have.  It is something we can all learn.

We had no agenda for this time with them - just to enjoy and encourage.  Still, it ended up being a wonderful time of connection.  There was a lot of different activity in a somewhat small space, but somehow it worked.  Chris and JT, along with the help of a few older guys who were part of the soccer last week, did drills with some younger boys.  They loved it so much.  Then, they played some 4 on 4.P6110273 800x600


Tawnya, Katie, and Tricia played a bunch of games with the girls and some younger kids.  Thankfully, one of the young adults was able to help them with any language issues. 

P6110311 800x600




P6110267 800x600


Jordan once again taught her first aid training.  For all of my medical people out there - PLEASE continue to consider coming; it is such a huge need and the people are hungry for it!  Jordan also had to once again do some treatment, P6110276 800x600on a boy who was injured during the soccer.  It is so cool to see her do this.

Irwin and Curt also shared all about their farms, and the people shared about their "gardens."  Even though it is worlds apart, people love it and not only learn, but become inspired to maybe try something new.

I was the photographer as usual, ha, and also threw frisbee with kids.  I was amazed at how quickly they learned.  Essentially, all of us were doing something at the same time.  It was pretty cool!


Then, we had lunch and fellowship time.  Today, the focus was from Philippians 2:1-18 - encouraging the people to be united as they follow God and then be a light to others.  This is the short version of course.  :-)  You know Jennie is teaching when the live, visual aids start being pulled P6110366 1024x660out on the fly. (please note Chris having fallen on the ground to play his role, amid everyone's laughter.)  I actually thank God for my training and experience in teaching and communication, as it has helped so much in adapting to communicating in other cultures.


P6110368 800x661 800x661We prayed for unity for this village and had people ask for prayer as needed.  It was great to see God working among people in so many various ways today. 

I have so much to say, honestly, that I have nothing more to say.  I could go on and on and on.  For now, let me give glory to God for all He is and does!  He deserves all the honor and praise!




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