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Zebra Stripes

Posted by Remmy on 22 November 2013 | Comments

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ZEBRA  Why do zebras have stripes?  That is a great question and one often asked by clients.  Scientists actually are not exactly sure ,but there are many theories. 

One theory is that the patterns are a camoflauge to guard against predators.  Most predators struggle to determine one animal from another because of the colors and patterns.  So, at dawn and dusk, when predators hunt, they have a hard time seeing and distinguishing what they are looking at.  

Some think that they are there as a guard against insects that swarm and attach.  Insects can only  see one color at a time, so they cannot always realize they are so near the zebra.

Others think the stripes are mostly there so the zebras themselves can be set apart from one another.  No zebra's stripes and patterns are the same, so they may just be able to see one another better.  

Whatever the reason, the zebra stripes are beautiful to look at.  At Lake Mburu National Park and Kidepo National Park, the zebras often are seen in large herds.  Viewing them as like pondering a piece of amazing artwork.  

Any safari with Routes to Africa to these parks guarantees zebra sightings in large quantity.  We encourage you to contact us, plan a trip, and see these stunning creatures for yourself.  We have a variety of tours and packages to lend to the best viewing options!

You can give us your best theory as to why zebras have stripes, and maybe we can include it in another blog post just from you!

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