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Safaris in Uganda

Posted by Jennie on 17 December 2013 | Comments

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People do not often think of safaris in Uganda before considering other countries.  Because of turmoil in the country for many years in the mid to late 20th century, people shied away from trying to enjoy Uganda's beauty.  This despite the like of Theodore Roosevelt, safari2Ernest Hemingway, and others taking advantage of all Uganda had to offer earlier in the century.

Currently, though, Uganda enjoys stability that makes moving through the country safe and without concern.  safari29Murchison Falls National Park, especially, has seen an uptick in visitors now that it has been reopened in the past 10 years.  The great falls are a wonder to see, the animals are plenty, the birds are everywhere, and the fishing is an attraction to anglers worldwide.  

Kidepo National Park is also one with growing interest.  Now is really the time to go - before too many people realize how awesome it is. The area remains somewhat wild and raw - yet with all amenities and safety.  It is a place to see so much wildlife without many others around.  

People often come to Uganda to go gorilla tracking, which is incredibly worth it, of course.  But, too many miss the many safari options that rival any throughout Africa.  Don't miss out.  Take advantage of Uganda while the busyness remains better!