GCCC Trip - Part 2

Posted by Jennie on 9 June 2013 | Comments

Oh my, there is so much to share; yet, I have such a small amount of free time to write. Please forgive me if this, or any subsequent posts, are lacking creativity. Again, this is for anyone I know, but also for the families of those on the trip. I don’t think any of them are getting online or on facebook much, if at all. So, it is up to me to let the families know how things are going.

p6070179And, how are we doing? Quite well I should say. One person was sick today, but just a minor stomach thing.

The past 2 days we were with groups 1 and 2 in the village. We spent time at Okidi doing soccer, farming discussions, basic first aid training, and fellowship/teaching/worship time. Oh, and we ate. Everyone had the joy of eating local food like beans, local chicken, posho, cabbage, and rice – all with their fingers. It was fun to watch, I must say. Ok then, I think I will give a brief paragraph for each area.

The soccer was awesome. Chris (Coach Sauer), is very much in his element and loving being able to work with the kids. We were all silently a bit dejected as we drove in to the area and saw the soccer field was all plowed up. p6070172And, sure enough, a big NGO is going around trying to improve fields out in the villages. It’s great, but very bad timing for us. But, as you must do in Africa, you adjust and make do. We used another grassy area, and it worked out fine. Yesterday, we worked with a couple of primary classes at the school. The PE teacher assisted. It was cute, as he wrote everything down – every drill – so that they could continue practicing. The kids truly enjoyed. They not only had fun, but also took it all quite seriously. haha. The older ones were really directing the young ones. Then, today, teenage boys from group 2 were able to come and also do “training.” p6070078Oh, they had such a great time! Most all of us on the team, as well as Martin and Sam with Finding the Way, and Remmy with Routes to Africa, all assisted or played. After the fellowship time, we then played a small match. We were beaten, a bit badly, haha. At least JT and our driver, Patrick were able to keep up and produce. hahaha. Some of us could use a hot tub, though!

Yesterday, Irwin and Curt, both farmers discussed agricultural things with the adults. It was really eye opening for our guys to hear what all the people here deal with in trying to raise a few livestock and so forth. Actually, I think there is almost bewilderment at how fertile the soil is, still there is only enough production for basic sustenance. I think they are realizing the primitive farming and lack of resources. The people asked a lot of questions and shared a lot of their experiences. Mostly, they were encouraged that people cared enough to sit and just talk with them.

p6070112This was similar with Jordan and Ang teach some basic first aid and wound treatment. There was maybe more treatment than lecturing, since people would just say, here look at this. I am fairly sure we used up most of the first aid kit we keep on our bus. Ha! It was great to see Jordan in her element, as she is in nursing school and hopes to potentially use that trade to help people in areas like this.

The whole team is really doing well, taking part, being open to things, caring, and so forth. Seriously, it is swell.

Today during the fellowship time, I shared from Jeremiah. You see, here there are lots of issues with people following their traditional religion or turning to witchcraft to try to help them with some problem or to curse people they do not like. One of the young guys from group 2 to whom I have always been close, had strong pain in his leg because someone poisoned him. They put some mixture on his doorstep to his hut, and when he stepped on it, it wounded his leg. Seriously. I don’t make these things up, and I do fully believe them. I asked him why, and he said someone wanted him to do something bad to someone else, and he refusde. So, they tried to injure him.

p6070162But, before that, I knew I would be teaching from Jeremiah during this trip,and the book deals a lot with God’s people practicing things not of God and following other gods. Today’s focus was on the need to turn to God and not worship idols or live for ourselves. Then, there was encouragement for those who were like Jeremiah – truly trying to follow Jesus and point people to God’s truth, but who struggle and are knocked down because of it. There was much more to it, of course, but my focus at this point of the evening is fading and my eyes are burning ready for sleep.

We prayed for a number of people and enjoyed praising God together.

All in all, 2 swell days. I am super thankful, as ever, for the connection with these people and how they continue to seek God even in their struggles. There are those who turn away, but I am also thankful for His word to be spoken and received. May true change occur, and may it be ongoing!

p6060061Tomorrow is a little relaxing. Church, then rest, then to Sam’s for soccer against his church team (they requested this), and a meal at Sam’s place with the widows from the other day.

Thanks so much for praying and caring. Keep it up! Blessings!